Wedding Ring Engraving Tips and Ideas

Have you ever received a gift that has been customized for you—and only you? Indeed, personalized gifts are more special and, therefore, deserve to be treasured.


There’s no better way to make wedding bands extra special than to engrave them with sweet thoughts. Be it an engagement ring that says “a mutual promise” or a wedding ring that shouts “yours always and forever”, engraving is a popular way personalizing rings.

Here are a few things you need to know about ring engraving.

Trusted Ring Engraver

When you order or buy a proposal ring, inform the jewellery shop right away that you intend to have the ring inscribed with a few words or symbols. Usually, jewellery stores in Singapore do engraving jobs. However, in case the store can’t do so, they should be able to refer you to a trusted ring engraver.

Mistake-Free Inscription

Be sure that you have already made up your mind with your desired inscription before going to the ring engraver. Usually stunning wedding rings made in Singapore have to be done with a good and reputable company to ensure quality. Make sure that there are no spelling mistakes when you write it on a paper to be given to the engraver. And once the wedding ring is done, check the inscription right away.

Inscription Ideas

It’s fun to think of words to put on your wedding bands. It allows you to be creative and sweet at the same time. Most couples have their names or initials inscribed. Other couples choose to engrave a few lines from their favourite song. In some other cases, when couples couldn’t compress their long strings of words into just a few words of the same thought, they have everything engraved on the rim or band of the wedding ring for more space.

Here are a few more examples for your proposal ring or wedding ring:


• “I’m yours.”
• “A promise to marry”
• “My Other Half”
• “Sugarpie Honeybunch”
• “Love conquers all.”
• “Forevermore”
• “The Love of My Life”
• “Nothing can keep us apart.”
• “Only you can complete me.”
• “I’m his Queen”/ “I’m her Knight”

The Duration

Some ring engravers in Singapore can finish an engraving job as fast as an hour, while there are instances when a single engraving job can take a month to be finished. Actually, it would depend on how lengthy and intricate your desired inscription for your engagement ring is. Be sure to show to the engraver your chosen inscription and ask how long it will take to finish such inscription.

The Cost

Generally, the cost of wedding bands engraving in Singapore depends on several factors such as the number of characters an inscription has, the chosen font, and whether it will be hand- or machine-engraved. Usually, machine engraving is cheaper than hand engraving.


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