Ways to Prevent Toilet Plumbing Problems

Imagine you’re hosting a party at your home. Everyone is invited—your family, friends, colleagues and even your boss. The food is aplenty and your home is decorated extravagantly. Then, one of your guests needs to use the toilet, but unfortunately it’s clogged. How embarrassing would that be?


Clogged toilets are not only a source of inconvenience—and embarrassment during such situations—they can also cause plumbing problems and may require major repairs or toilet replacement altogether.

Good thing toilet clog is highly preventable. As long as you follow these 10 tips, you won’t have to experience the embarrassment and inconvenience again.

1. Clean the toilet regularly with mild solution

Baking soda, mild soap and vinegar are all porcelain-friendly cleaning agents. Not only does regular toilet cleaning keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean, it also gives you the opportunity to detect a problem with your bathroom’s plumbing quickly. If you seldom clean the toilet area, how will you know if the water on the floor is from the faucet, the shower or from the toilet?

2. Check the interior workings of your toilet every six months

Regular check up of your toilet’s internal parts by http://www.faberplumbing.com.sg/ in Singapore and functions makes sure that every component is still in good working condition. Watch the parts work, make sure that the flapper seals well and the valve stops run at appropriate water level.

3. Know what things you should not flush

When you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to just throw any used sanitary items in the toilet bowl. However, flushing diapers, napkins, condoms, tissues, Q-tips and other items are strictly forbidden. Unless you want your toilet to overflow, do not flush these items down the bowl as they can easily get caught in your toilet’s drain pipe and cause a clog that may require major plumbing repairs.

4. Beware of storages above the toilet

If you have a shelf above your toilet or you’re using the toilet tank for displaying decorative knick-knacks, be careful not to knock these items into the toilet and cause a clog. If possible, do not store small objects, like soap, deodorant, and loofah, around the toilet area to avoid accidentally jostling them.

5. Fix any toilet problem you encounter right away

Toilet leaks often go unnoticeable because they are typically ‘silent.’ It means, you do not necessarily find a puddle of water in the toilet area since the leaking water from the tank goes straight into the bowl. Also, toilet leaks are slow leaks. You might not notice a little increase in your monthly water bill, until you look back and realized you’re paying a hundred dollar more this time compared to the same time last year.

Your best solution for this is to let a plumbing contractor check your toilet. They can quickly detect and fix any plumbing problem you might have with your toilet.


6. Teach your kids about proper usage of toilet

While this is best taught during potty trainings, you can still educate older kids what they can and can’t flush down the toilet and the proper way to use and clean the toilet. These will come in handy not just today, but in the future as well when they move into their own place one day.

7. Call a professional plumber for major works

Some plumbing works are just too complicated for homeowners to handle on their own. If your shower produces brown water or your toilet continually clogs, know that these are signs of a much bigger problem that you will need professional help with. However, make sure to contact a reliable plumber by keeping in mind these tips:

• Licensure – Most countries and states require plumbers to have a license. This is a good proof that they are professional plumbers with the skills to perform the job.

• Insurance – Your hired plumber should be insured. Since plumbing systems are major home components, you want to protect yourself property from spending a fortune to repair a major damage caused by a plumber.

• Warranty – All professional plumbers should guarantee their work, including the parts they used in your plumbing system. Most warranties offered by plumbing services companies in Singapore work up to a year. If a contractor refuses to provide a warranty for his work, you’re better off finding a better one.

• Pricing – As long as you provide the necessary information, your plumber will already have an idea of how he will fix the problem and is likely able to provide an accurate estimation. Get at least three estimations from different contractors, and be careful with picking the lowest-priced ones as this could mean they’re cutting corners somewhere in the plan.

• References – Those professionals who have been in the business for a good length of time will be able to provide you with references. If they won’t, consider other contractor. Speaking with past customers is the best way to gauge the quality of a contractor’s work and plumbing services.

• Response time – Before hiring a 24 hours plumber, inquire first about how soon they can show up in your site and be able to fix the issue. While a 24 hours plumber can be reached anytime of the day, their response may be delayed if they need to travel long distances to get to your area.

Some of these may just be simple tips, but they can save you from the inconvenient and nasty situation of overflowing toilet. Of course, these tips can still fail, and that is when you need to call a professional plumbing contractor in Singapore. Just make sure to call the right one to ensure that you are fixing the problem, not making it worse.


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