Travel Photography Must-Haves: 5 Items to Protect Your Camera

Travel photography is always an exciting adventure. You are bound to marvel at new sights, and at the same time preserve the memories for a long time by taking ample photos to relive the event whenever you desire. Regardless, this endeavor also puts your gear at risk — especially if you don’t bring along the essentials for your camera. To protect your gear, then, don’t forget to bring these 5 must-haves wherever you go!

1. Camera bag
It is crucial to give your gear the protection it needs especially when you are travelling, hence be sure to pack your camera along with its bag. It ensures that the gear is protected not only from likely events such as falling onto the ground but also from foreign elements which may damage your equipment in the long run. There are camera bags sold in the market which are water resistant, too. You are better off buying a high-quality camera bag for your beloved possession.

2. Laptop and card reader
It is important to back-up your photos regardless of whether you are taking them for leisure or for business, since your card may be prone to fail at some point. Regrets can only do so much. In the event of your card getting corrupt, you may be finding yourself wishing you backed up sooner. Bring a reliable card reader to ensure your photos are stored safely on another device other than relying merely on your memory card.

3. Travel adapters
If you are traveling abroad, it is necessary to bring travel adapters with you since there are chances that the standard plug there may not be compatible with what is common in the country. If you want one that is particularly suitable for your camera and other photography equipment, bring a USB charger as it can charge your gadgets across countries in Europe, Australia, and the USA. It also allows you to charge multiple devices at once, saving you from the hassle of charging them individually.

4. Hurricane air blower
While on-the-go, it is easy for your camera to be prone at picking up dirt and dust after long hours of outdoor exposure. In order to protect your gear from damage, remember to bring along an air blower to clean your camera every once in a while. You also do not have to worry about damaging the sensitive and fragile parts of your camera or lens since it doesn’t require direct contact. Just make sure to use it correctly!

5. Camera strap
The thing with having a camera strap with you on your travels is that it ensures both comfort and security. Carrying your camera along can be tiring after a while, but with a strap you can easily hang it around your neck while continuing on your trek. Camera straps also firmly hold your equipment in place, thus keeping it safe. There are straps which come in different patterns and colors so you’ll never go out of style, too!

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