Top 10 Most Valuable Brands in the World


As consumers, we already have an idea of the top ten valuable brands in the world. But what is our basis? The good thing is that Millward Brown provided meaningful information when it comes to the world’s top ten valuable brands with the use of various methodologies. If you want to know more about the most valuable brands in the world, it is important that we know Millward Brown first.


Millward Brown is an organization that is passionate about brands. The company works with global and even local brands to define its purpose and usher brand growth. The company’s hallmark research is called The BrandZ. The BrandZ is an annual study that can give meaningful intelligence to other companies. At the end of the study, they will release annual brand rankings. The rankings are combined BrandZ data together with other pertinent financial data.

Here’s the list of the valuable brands in the world:

  1. Apple: Apple is everywhere and anywhere. With this, it is considered the number one valuable brand in the world. It has a brand value worth US$183 billion. The brand is known for creating iPhones and iPads. Its steady increase made the company far.
  1. IBM: IBM is the leading technology brand not only in America but the world. It has a brand value of US$116 billion.
  1. Google: Google is the number three valuable brand in the world with value worth US$108 billion. The company provides internet services and goods.
  1. McDonald’s: McDonalds is the largest fast food brand in the world. It stayed strong with brand value worth US$95 billion. Its more than 2,000 stores worldwide made it a formidable force.
  1. Microsoft: Microsoft has brand value worth US$77 billion which makes it the number five valuable brands in the world.1022_Microsoft
  1. Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is perhaps the oldest (since it is now 125 years old) but many people still love it. In fact, it is the number six valuable brand in the world with brand value worth US$74 billion.
  1. Marlboro: Marlboro is a tobacco brand. Its brand value is about US$74 billion. This is the largest brand of selling cigarette in the world.
  1. AT&T: AT&T is America’s largest telecom provider. Its brand value is about US$69 billion. AT&T surpassed its competitor – Verizon.
  1. Verizon: Verizon belongs to the telecoms industry. Verizon’s brand value is about $49 billion. Verizon in fact found a fifteen percent growth in terms of brand value.
  2. China Mobile: China Mobile belongs to the telecoms industry. Its brand value is about US$47 billion. This makes China Mobile the largest telecom provider in the world. Although the brand saw about eighteen per cent fall early April last year, it is still by far the largest provider with more than 1 billion subscribers.

There is no Singaporean company that joined the list but the important thing here is we continue to build stronger relationship to our employees and make their lives easier by growing and ushering the brand.

For more information, visit Millward Brown’s website and scan over related studies.


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