Tips to Help You Take Great Photographs on Your Next Travel Adventure

Travel photography can range from taking photos of iconic monuments and splendid architecture found in your travel destination to taking a simple snap of the busy hustle of the country’s local streets. Being a subject so broad, it is composed of different approaches and styles — from portraits, landscapes, architecture and wildlife, among the many.

What makes a good travel photography, then? In general, travel photos must tell a story. Regardless of the camera used to snap that one particular shot, it must be successful in conveying a story from one viewer to another. It must appear interesting when it meets the eye, even to someone who hasn’t been to the photographed place before. With that, here are some practical tips to help you achieve high-quality travel photographs on your next vacation.

Research and plan
Prior to your trip, conduct a little research and find out which places are the best to be photographed. Research has never been this easier when one simple search can already yield hundreds of results on the internet, so use that to your advantage. More often than not, you may also gain inspirations from the photographs you’ll stumble online — so mix it with your own creativity.

Pack accordingly
There might be instances where you’ll need to switch lenses when you’re photographing a single subject, so pack accordingly and make sure you bring along your camera essentials with you wherever you head to. A decent zoom lens and a standard prime lens can go a long way, especially if you want even the tiny details of the photo to come to life. Always bring along memory cards and spare batteries as well.

Chase the light
Even in travel photography, good lighting is necessary to achieve high-quality photos. If you want to take notable pictures, then it is best for you to get up early and catch the best light of the morning sun. The last hour just before sunset is also one ideal time to take lots of photos. Don’t be afraid to chase the sun when you are taking snapshots, as the light can help your shots achieve its true potential.

Walk, walk, and walk
You are likely to find interesting things (thus potential subjects) just by walking the streets. With that, you can take fascinating snapshots from some nooks and crannies away from the big streets. Remember that travelling is an act of self-discovery and revelation — and in the process you are bound to see things beyond your usual daily life.

Go beyond what’s obvious
Be creative and experiment with interesting angles and refreshing perspectives. The thing about travel photography is that it may get crowded given the number of tourists that may flock in one iconic area, thus keeping them out of the picture may be a difficult endeavor. Wander around and let your creativity soar in times like these. The little details can also yield good photographs, as well.

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