Tips for Minor House Painting Projects from the Pros

House painting projects can be classified into minor or major. A major project, such as painting the entire interior and exterior parts of the house, calls for professional painting services. On the other hand, a minor project, such as changing the paint of a single room, can often be accomplished by you.


You can always hire professional painting services if you want quality or if you are uncertain of doing it yourself. But if you want some adventure, here are some helpful tips from the professionals.

Prep Work

Companies that provide painting services take time doing prep work, which is why an entire painting project usually takes days to be accomplished. You must not miss doing all prep work and start right away with the actual painting job, no matter how enjoyable it is.

Sponge Bath

Keep in mind that paint will stick better to a clean surface. Giving the walls a sponge bath is one good way to achieve an ideal surface for painting. Make sure to wash the walls from top to bottom.

Primer before Paint

Primer is important as it brings out the true color of paint. Aside from that, it also provides a good surface, so painting becomes easy. Before you begin painting, make sure you have applied primer first.


Amount of Paint

One reason why households seek professional painting services is because they don’t have an idea as to how much paint will it take to cover the walls. To guide you, experts in Singapore suggest one gallon for every 400 square feet.

The Ideal Day to Paint

Paint dries well when there is no moisture in the air. Therefore, dry days are the best days to have painting services Singapore paint those walls. Avoid doing house painting project when the weather is humid.

Paint for High-Traffic Areas

Paint comes in different types—matte, semi-gloss, or glossy. Paint suppliers in Singapore recommend the use of semi-gloss paint for high-traffic areas, such as living room or kids’ bedroom. This type of paint is not only shiny, but also durable.

Tape and Plastic Bags  

These two items are very useful in every house painting project. Cover light switches and electrical outlets with tape to avoid dabbing paint on them. You can also use tape to create border lines. Plastic bags can be used to cover doorknobs.


Drop Cloth

Painting is a messy task. You might get paint in your hands or spill some on your shirt, and you might accidentally splash paint on the floor. To avoid having a polka dot floor, you can use a drop cloth to cover it up. Remember, you are painting your walls, not your floor.

Paint Rollers

A small room can be deceiving. You may think that you can finish painting it in just a few hours, but actually you may even feel tired halfway. Companies that provide professional interior and exterior painting services would always recommend do-it-yourselfers to use paint rollers instead of paint brushes. They may cost more, but at least they make the task much easier and give professional-looking results.

Avoid Going Back

Refrain from reapplying paint on a wall that is already starting to dry. It can only leave color streaks and marks on the surface. Do it right the first time so you won’t have to do it again.

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