Things You Need to Know about Smoke Alarms

Whether we are in the house or in the workplace, it is important that we feel safe from fire. Here in Singapore, the government is making sure that all establishments and flats have working smoke alarms. We have to practice vigilance at all times for signs of fire before it devours all our things. Installing smoke alarms can be our first defence against fire.


Now, if you are looking for the right smoke alarm, you should be guided. There are many smoke alarms in Singapore but you need to find the one that is reliable. You need to find a smoke alarm that remains alert 24/7. You may be asleep but rest assured that your smoke alarm is doing its work. You should remember that a working smoke alarm can increase your chances of surviving a fire. Here are some things you need to know about smoke alarms:


  • Types of smoke alarms: You should know that there are many brands of smoke alarms in the market. Regardless of the brand, there are only two types of smoke alarms – photoelectric and ionization. You should know the difference. It is recommended that homes should install both smoke alarms. 
  • Where smoke alarms get its power: You are wondering about the power of smoke alarms. It is time that you know that smoke alarms get its power from a battery. There are other smoke alarms that get its power from the electrical system of your home. If you prefer the battery, it is either a disposable one or a non-replaceable battery. 
  • The prices of smoke alarms: If it makes you better, smoke alarms are not that expensive. If it can save lives, you really cannot put value to it. The cost will depend on the type of smoke alarm you will consider. 
  • Where to install smoke alarms: The next question would be: where do you put your smoke alarm? The best thing to do is install smoke alarm in all levels of your home and that includes your basement. When you install it, you should always follow the instructions from your manufacturer.

No matter what happens, you should not disable or remove smoke alarms. It will not do its work if you disable it. When you hear the alarm, it means it detected smoke. If you are cooking or taking a shower, you should not remove the battery. You can simply open a window or door and press the buttons that will silent it.


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