The Significance of News Interviews

In particular news item, there is always a big statement coming from the mouth of a high-ranking official or maybe a famous celebrity. However, in news, there are no choices when it comes to the interviewees. Since news is an everyday story of an event, lifestyle, history and people, there is really a need to interview a couple of individuals to create a story.


The Importance of News Interviews

Aside from the fact that you need to know more about the life of many people around you, there is a need to have an interviewee so that:

  • Your news item will have weight – Here, the statement that is being said by your interviewee is the one that will give weight to your story. In this way, your news will heavy most especially when it talks about a very sensitive issue wherein people might have interest in.


  • Your story will have life – Imagine a news story without a verbatim statement? What happen when you read it? Typically, you’ll get bored about it. It’s like you are making a story out of something. Without these statements coming from your interviewee, your news item will be like a trash.
  • Your news will have efficacy – With it talks about efficacy, it also tackles about credibility. The more there person you interview is capable and an appropriate person to go to, there is an effectiveness for the news item. For instance, your story is about littering in Singapore; who will you talk about this story? Most probably, these are the police officers, law violators and a witness (if there is).


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