The Peter Pan Syndrome: “I Don’t Want to Grow Up!”

Although a bit uncommon, the line “I don’t want to grow up” perfectly demonstrates how we feel at some point. Most people from the current generation are experiencing this problem so I guess it’s safe to say that this is a very important topic to tackle. After all, self-help is the best kind of help you’ll get. Before everything else, let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Nostalgia Can Be Addicting

Remember when everything was shining and shimmering? When everything was filled with wonder and opportunity? When curiosity was present around every corner when you woke up? What happened? Could it be that the kid inside of us is still there? Well, it most definitely is. But then again, how do we grow up with a kid inside of us?

Being young is a wonderful thing. Although we had responsibility, it wasn’t as heavy as having to make a decision that could affect your whole life more gravely. A lot of people nowadays are scared by the mere fact alone that their decisions have the biggest impact on them rather than being excited to make decisions.

Childhood Was Great Because We Were Carefree

Let’s think of it this way, when we were but infants, all we could do is cry and lie down, then we would slowly learn to crawl, then to walk, then finally we end up running around everywhere making a huge mess out of everything. What happens after that? Growth isn’t finished after we learn how to run. Nobody ever stops growing. We get older, yes. But we never stop growing.

In fact, we grow a little more every day. Our brains are designed to feed on information and our preferences develop from our habits. Building healthy habits helps build healthy preferences. If you choose to become responsible, then your choices would automatically push you into the direction of becoming responsible. Growing up isn’t a choice. Growing up is a mission.

Inevitably, at Some Point, We Have to Grow Up

Everyone needs to grow up at some point. Some people grow up later than others. That’s okay. It’s not a race after all. Maybe it’s just the thought of growing up that scares us rather than the actual process itself. Maybe everything’s been laid down in front of us in such a complicated manner. Maybe because of this, we become overwhelmed.

Well, let’s strip off all the excess information and really understand what being a grown up means. The answer might even shock you, it’s actually not as bad as you think. Growing up just means doing what you have to get what you want. A boy does what he wants without hesitation, a grown up does what he has to do or get what he wants.

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