The Haze in Singapore


Living in Singapore for a couple of years or even all of our lives has taught us to prepare for the annual forest burning in Indonesia, where farmers burn whole fields and as a result, produce a haze that covers majority of Southeast Asia.


It’s been around since early September of this year and is still hanging over Singapore up to this day. Experts say that the haze shows no sign of it going away anytime soon and may still be here until November.

However, even if the main source of the air pollution is Indonesia’s forest fires, Singapore’s environmental issues also play a role in the worsening of the haze. This comes as no surprise for a country that houses over a million cars and hundreds of large manufacturing and construction factories.


The government has given a nationwide warning of the adverse effects of the haze to our health. The Singapore National Environmental Agency named some of the harmful pollutants present in the haze. Some of these are nitrogen dioxide, ozone and sulfur dioxide.

Singapore citizens have also observed that the haze makes it harder for them to breathe. Some also complain of their eyes being sensitive and their sense of taste being dulled. Medical experts are worried that a prolonged exposure to air pollution can have a negative impact to one’s health in the long run.

Because the haze is becoming such a big national concern, the Singapore government is starting to plan their course of actions to handle and even reverse the severity of air pollution in the city.


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