The Growth of Internet Usage

The usage of internet services have been growing tremendously since the first web browsers of 1990 to today’s 1.7 billion users. One reason it is so popular is because it not only saves storage space, it also allows you to access any file you want in just a blink of the eye. Although the growing demand is a way to push the internet service providers and even you forward, the economics of the internet isn’t keeping up.


To provide continuous internet service might sound easy; it’s really hard to keep building the net. It will be difficult for the providers to keep building the net because the expenses for building the net will be rising each year, ranging from 18% to 20%. This not only stresses the providers, users will also have to adapt to higher and steeper costs of their internet bills. There is, however, a way to stop this. It may sound wrong, but the fewer users there are – which basically means lesser income, the less money you will need to reinvest on internet extension and innovation. This is how it works for all sorts of technological services. Once innovation for internet services stop, access costs will be raised, and internet services will then turn from superior quality to abysmal quality, hence, the demand will drop. Estimations have shown that this breaking point will occur in 2014 among the service provider arena. This means that you will have to start thinking of innovations the way you network your enterprise, or else you’ll face a huge drop of performance, stability and security.