The Finest Coloring Books


Stress is inevitable but we can do something to lessen if not totally eliminate it. We can start by securing coloring books. Who said that coloring is only for children? There are adult coloring books readily available here in Singapore.


Coloring books may look simple but it has benefits. In fact, many therapists think that coloring books can improve the well-being of adults. For instance, it can relieve stress and encourages focus. This is enough to entice us and consider coloring books.

Here are the finest coloring books in the market:

  • Secret Garden: Secret Garden is created by Johanna Basford. The book is full of interactive and incredible drawings.
  • The Tattoo Colouring Book: The Tattoo Colouring Book is created by Megamunden and it is the perfect gift for people who loves ink and body art. The book will give you an inspiration for your next body art.
  • Animal Kingdom: Animal Kingdom is created by Millie Marotta. The book consists of intricate pictures you will be hesitant to picture it. No matter what shade you choose, it will be amazing as it is.


  • The Midnight Colouring Book: The Midnight Colouring Book is created by Richard Merritt. This coloring book is unique because of its white and red color scheme. You can put your own twist.
  • Doodle Invasion: Doodle Invasion is created by Zifflin and Kerby Rosanes. This book is a bit large for its kind and everyone should look forward to its contents. There are fifty works of art by the creators.
  • The Mindfulness Colouring Book: The Mindfulness Colouring Book is created by Emma Farrarons. This book is only pocket-sized but you should never underestimate it. The book is perfect for spur of the moment relaxation.


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