The Benefits of Swimming to Your Health

What is the best way to deal with the scourging heat? Aside from refreshments, plunging to the swimming pool is fun. If you are thinking of plunging to the water, there are many swimming pools here in Singapore. Your kids will surely enjoy the summer. Swimming is best enjoyed with your loved ones.


Some people think that swimming is a luxury that they cannot afford. That should be changed. Swimming is for everyone especially that there are many benefits you can get from it. You need to consider swimming because of the following health benefits:


  • Muscle tone and strength: Swimming can increase your muscle tone and strength. Swimming is a resistance exercise. If you do it regularly, you will surely build your muscles in no time. Just remember that every stroke and kick mean getting closer to a toned muscles. 
  • Flexibility: If you swim, every muscle will work. If you consider equipment from the gym, it will only tackle one part of the body at a time. Swimming is not like that. It is a great way to loosen your ligaments and joints to make it flexible.
  • Weight control: Other people think that you cannot lose weight when you are in the water. That is not true. In fact, swimming is universally accepted as the biggest calorie burner. Swimming is a good exercise and it is great for maintaining and controlling your weight.  
  • Improved cholesterol: Swimming is found to increase more good cholesterol (called HDL) in your body. You do not need bad cholesterol (called LDL). Swimming can balance the levels of good and bad cholesterol. If you balance your cholesterol, your risk of dying from heart-related diseases will be reduced.
  • Vigorous heart: It was mentioned earlier that swimming can encourage muscle tone and strength. You should not forget the most important muscle in your body – the heart. Swimming can help improve your heart since it is an aerobic exercise.  

Summer can be fun if you do things that you enjoy. Apart from enjoying swimming, it is also beneficial to your health. What more could you ask for? There are a lot of swimming pools here in Singapore. The entrance fee is not a problem because there are cheaper ones. If you want a free or inexpensive way to enjoy the waters, you should go to the beach.

Do not forget to practice safety when you are in the waters. If you are new to swimming, just stay in a safe place. If you want to learn swimming, you should get swimming lessons immediately. It pays to learn how to swim. Good luck!


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