The Appetite Study

Eating is surely a fun and delicious activity but eating too much is not recommended especially if you are thinking about shedding extra calories. Eating too much is difficult to resist knowing that there are many restaurants and food corners here in Singapore. The key is subduing your appetite. Having the urge to eat or your appetite is normal. What is not normal is being a glutton.


You should know that there is a recent study about the appetite. The study is conducted by the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. The researchers enlisted the help of an actress; the actress wore a prosthetic flab suit which added fifty pounds to her slender frame. She dined with eighty two undergraduates who volunteered for this particular study.

What were the findings of the study? Here’s a look:

  • The volunteers consume foods base on their companion: The actress dined with the volunteers one at a time. The actress alternatively use the flab suit and her normal frame. Researchers found out that volunteers viewed the actions of the actress and serve food based on that. If the actress wear flab suit, the food consumption of volunteers increased by 31.4 per cent.


  • Emphasizing the significance of pre-committing to meal choices: The study only seeks to emphasize the significance of pre-committing to meal choices. What does this mean? Before you enter in a restaurant, you have to plan ahead especially if you know you are dining with many people. This is according to Mitsuru Shimizu who is the assistant professor of Psychology at the University of Southern Illinois. Additionally, Brian Wansink, a director of Cornell University Food and Brand Lab, said that before entering the restaurant, it is important that you look up the menu and choose a meal that complements your dietary goal. If you know that you are going to a buffet, pre-commit that you will only select modest servings of healthy foods. If you have this in mind, you will not be influenced negatively.

If you want to know the details of the study, you can refer to the published journal – Appetite. The appetite study surely gave you an idea of how an eating companion can influence one’s eating habits. Knowing this, you can now choose your eating companion or better yet, you can make informed decisions when choosing a meal.

Living a healthy life here in Singapore is challenging but nothing is impossible if you are strong-willed. If you are serious about healthy lifestyle, do not forget about your exercise.


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