Staying Fit: What You Need to Know about Aerobic Exercises

Do you know that your risk of dying early is amplified just by watching television? There was a study spearheaded by the American Heart Association which studied 13000 college graduates from Spain. The study found out that by watching television (for long periods), one can die prematurely. This is according to American Heart Association, Time.


This is bad news for couch-potatoes. These people need to be warned before it is too late. It can only be fought by exercising at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercises per week. Fortunately here in Singapore, people are encouraged to exercise. Singaporeans are increasingly becoming aware of the ill effects of sedentary lifestyle. Health Promotion Board recommends at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercises per week.

If you are interested, stick out for more details. Here are some things that you need to know about aerobic exercises:

  • Benefits: Need it be stressed? Of course, aerobic exercises has numerous benefits. It can improve your cardiovascular system plus it can effectively decrease your risks of getting heart disease. It can also lower the blood pressure and it can improve your lung function. The list goes on.
  • Examples of aerobic exercises: When you exercise, make sure to practice warming up and cooling down. If you are not sure about exercising, ask your physician about it. If you are good to go, you can do aerobic exercises to include walking, rowing, swimming, running, cycling and many more.


  • Frequency: Perhaps your next question would be the frequency of your exercise. To be effective, you have to practice this regularly. As mentioned earlier, you should exercise at least 150 minutes per week. If you want to exercise every day, it is okay.
  • Intensity: The next thing that you should know is the intensity of your exercise. Intensity refers to the amount or force you are working. It can be low impact or high impact. It will be determined depending on your goals.
  • Progression: You should know that the body can adapt to any exercise routine if it is exposed for a long time. If you notice that your body can tolerate it easily, it is time that you progress or increase your intensity. You should base it on your tolerance. You can either increase the duration, speed or the resistance.

Now you know the basics of aerobic exercises. You do not need to go somewhere and employ the help of other people. That will mean additional cost but if you are serious about getting fit and healthy, you can freely look for instructors or trainers. They will teach you everything you need to know and do.

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