Singapore’s Signature Dishes

If you feel that you haven’t tried all Singapore signature dishes, it is not yet late to eat it. Delight your taste buds with these wonderful delicacies:

Hakka Yong Tau Foo

Yong tau foo is made of tofu stuffed with pork or fish paste. Today, there are a lot of additions to the stuffing, such as bean curd, mushroom, bitter gourd, lady’s finger and many more. Yong Tau Foo may be served with or without a soup, but is best paired with vermicelli (or egg noodles) and rice. To get a taste of prime Yong Tau Foo, head to Goldhill beside (Changi Road) or Rong Xin (Tanjong Pagar).

Ice Kachang

Ice kachang is a famous refreshment and dessert. It is made of finely crushed ice (formed into balls) coated with sugar syrups. It is traditionally eaten with the use of hands or fingers. Today, there are some additions like red beans, jelly, sweet corn, fruit cocktail, chocolate and condensed milk. To grab a taste of ice kachang, you should head to food centres and hawkers like Maxwell in Chinatown.


This famous Chinese pastry is made of dough stuffed with different flavours like chocolate, cream cheese, ice cream, chempedek, bird’s nest and much more. Mooncakes are symbol for harmony and longevity. It is used to honour Mid-Autumn Festival. To grab a taste of mooncakes, you should head to Chinese bakeries and restaurants.

Nasi Padang

An Indonesian dish, nasi padang is spicy and hot steamed rice with vegetable mixtures. To sample genuine nasi padang, head to Kampong Glam (many believe the nasi padang in Hajjah Maimunah is the best in the country), Geylam or CBD.

If you want to find more of Singapore’s signature dishes, just go to any established Indian, Chinese, Malay or Peranakan restaurant and ask for their best or most popular dish. Enjoy the food!

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