Singaporeans Top PISA

15 year old Singaporeans topped the 2012 PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment). This is a test conducted by OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) every three years. OECD chose 15 year old students because they are at the end of their secondary education. Here in Singapore, OECD randomly picked 5,369 students from one hundred sixty six public schools and six private and international secondary schools. 


The test measured the skills and knowledge of students in the field of Mathematics, Science and Reading. The 5,369 students are given a test booklet that covers multiple choice and open ended questions. The mixture of multiple choice and open ended questions are arranged. The students will take dissimilar mixtures of the tests. The test will last up to two hours.

PISA is used by schools and educators to paint a picture of how their schools measure up to other schools and students around the world. PISA is not like other assessment because it will create set of tests that are not openly connected to a school curriculum. The results of the test can be used by participating countries or economies to compare their performance. It can also affect the policy decisions of educational systems.

Singaporeans topped in Mathematics and Reading. There are about sixty five countries that joined the test. Apart from Singapore, other Asian countries also excelled to include Japan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, South Korea and Macau. Non Asian countries that entered the top ten include Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Holland, Finland, Canada, Poland, Ireland, Estonia, Belgium and Australia.

For economies and countries that are interested to join the 2018 PISA tests, they should sign up. They only need to contact the OECD team for more information about the matter.


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