Singapore Trade Information on the Economy

Singapore trade news site was created to help Singaporeans keep in touch with the latest news online. In this world and current age, we need to learn how to keep in touch daily with the latest news so that we are not left behind. Singapore is an especially fast moving economy, with business factors changing everyday as globalization takes effect in this day and age.


We’ll start our first post with an article by the Singapore newspapers. Manufacturing output continues to be slow in August, as it was affected by the underperforming biomedical sector. The output last month only rose by 8.1% on year, which was below the forecasts of economists.

Without including the performance of the biomedical sector, Singapore’s manufacturing sector would have done well, with 24.8% on-year. The pharmaceuticals sector did especially poorly, due to a differing mix of active pharmaceutical ingredients being produced.


Without any surprise, the electronics sector did fairly well, with 32.8% increase in output. There was healthy demand for electronics this year, fueled by the computer shows which saw healthy retail demand. The precision engineering sector showed the most improvement, as well as the higher export orders in the semicon industry.


Overall, Singapore’s economy shows potential for continued growth The country has been doing well, with employment numbers improving over their western counterparts. Singapore trade news site will cover different industries, not limiting to the technical industries as trade would normally suggest. The economy in Singapore looks to be on a rebound from the recent financial crisis, as people are more optimistic of the outlook of the near future.