Singapore Airlines Upgrades Cabins to Serve Passengers Better

The business class of Singapore Airlines has become even better and bolder with their two new seating positions—“Sundeck” and “Lazy Z”—that offer greater flexibility for passengers.

Passengers can now choose their preferred ways of sitting, whether they would like to relax or work while on board.

With the company’s attempt to stay competitive, Singapore Airlines (SIA) launched the upgraded seats together with the other in-flight facilities in all classes.

The first passengers to experience the improved seats, as well as the enhanced entertainment system, are those on selected flights between Singapore and London.

The airline said that it will spend virtually S$190 million or US$150 million on enhanced cabin facilities on an initial eight Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

SIA is in a strong competition with other Asian and Middle Eastern airlines.

Quite a number of budget airlines are also in existence, and this sweeping upgrade by SIA is in line with its attempt to entice win over travelers who want a comfortable and incomparable flight experience.

Just as with other airlines in the country, SIA’s net profit has been affected by the sluggish global economy.

This slow-moving global economic growth has hit not only the oil prices, but also the passenger and cargo demand.

SIA said that the company has partnered with top design firms in the world in their effort to provide more comfort and luxury to their valued passengers.

The improvements include longer and more lavish beds in first class, as well as added personal space in economy class.

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