Safe Cities Index 2015  


Many people believe that the world is not a safe place to live anymore. Many things are happening and there are times that we could not do anything about it. No matter the chaos, we should be happy to know that there is a research that seeks to find the factors that makes a safe city. The research was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).


The research revolved around the categories determined by EIU in terms of safety. EIU has identified fifty major cities based on different factors and the availability of data. However, EIU is reminding the public that the list compiled should not be considered the world’s safest cities. Here are some insights about the EIU Safe Cities Index 2015:


The countries are grouped according to its region. In America, included cities are Buenos Aires, Chicago, Los Angeles, Lima, Mexico City, Montreal, New York, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Toronto and Washington, D.C. In Europe, Middle East & Africa, included cities are Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels, Doha, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Kuwait City, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Riyadh, Rome, Stockholm, Tehran and Zurich. In Asia-Pacific, cities included Bangkok, Beijing, Delhi, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Melbourne, Mumbai, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei, Tianjin and Tokyo.


Overall Score

The Safe Cities Index is scored according to four categories. The four categories include digital security, healthy security, infrastructure safety and personal safety. As per the result, EIU identified the Tokyo with the top level of digital security while Tehran is at the bottom level. As for the health security, Zurich is at the top level while Mumbai is at the bottom. In terms of infrastructure, Zurich is again at the top while Ho Chi Minh City is at the bottom. Lastly, in terms of personal safety, Singapore is at the top level while Santiago is at the bottom.

EIU also included in their study the air quality indicator. The cleanest capital cities are Stockholm, Tokyo, Madrid, Washington, D.C, Buenos Aires and London. In terms of water quality indicator, the cleanest capital cities include Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, London, Paris and Tokyo. For more information, it pays to visit the official website of EIU Safe Cities Index 2015 at

Even in this kind of study, Singapore is not left behind. We always exert effort in everything this is the way of the world to recognize our efforts.


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