Psychological Benefits of Sports

On December 03, 2013, the table tennis disability team was joined by national paddlers team for a friendly match. The event provided the athletes with the chance to bond together in the name of sports. They shared their experiences, joys and unforgettable moments. The table tennis disability team is getting ready for the seventh ASEAN (Association of South East Nations) Para Games in 2014. The national paddlers team is also getting ready for the twenty seventh SEA (South East Asian) Games to be held in Myanmar.


The coming together of the teams will surely benefit every member. Some of the psychological benefits of sports include:

  • Sports can decrease depression and stress

You may notice that sports can decrease your depression

and stress. Sports will serve as your distraction. You will forget about the depression or stress because you love what you do.

  • Sports can serve as an outlet

If you notice that you have aggressive impulses, sports can serve as your outlet. Not only that, if you feel that you are competitive, sports is an excellent outlet.


  • Sports can serve as your connection

You should remember that there are many people who love the sport you love. When you play with these people, you will surely establish your connection.

  • Sports can facilitate meaning

If you feel that you are not good for anything, sports can change your mind set. Sports can give you meaning and purpose in life. Furthermore, it can give you a sense of accomplishment, success and persistence.

Apart from psychological benefits, engaging in sports can also benefit you physically. It can condition your body and it can make you healthy. If you are interested in a particular sport, you should pursue it.article_volley

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