iPhone Cables and Chargers: How to Extend their lifespan?


Without your iPhone cable or charger, your mobile phone, unfortunately, becomes useless as well. Your phone is almost an extension of your life, your daily activities. You need your cable working at all times, especially if you’re always on the go. Borrowing one from a friend isn’t always an option, and it’s also not practical to buy a new one each time you move from one place to another. On this post we’ll talk about few tips how you can extend the lifespan of this mobile essential and how you can find reliable online stores selling quality iPhone cables and chargers of course.


Protecting your iPhone cable from breaking

Like any other investment, your iPhone cable needs care for it to last. No matter how expensive it is, and no matter where you got it from, if you don’t pay attention to how you’re using it, chances are it will break down sooner than you expected. If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure that your iPhone cables and chargers stay in good condition, take note of these simple tips.


  • Wrap cable with care. More often than not, you find yourself hurrying to wrap your cable and then just placing it hastily inside your bag. Wires inside your iPhone cable become more susceptible to damages when they’re kinked or twisted. Carefully wrapping your cable would only take you a minute or less even. Wrap it to a circle to avoid kinks.


  • Beware of sharp bends. When you charge your mobile phone, keep it close to the outlet. Avoid putting too much stress on the cable. In connection to the first tip, consider investing in a small purse or container where you can safe keep the cable. This is also to avoid other objects in your bag from damaging the iPhone cable or charger.
  • Reinforce cables.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on this one. You can always improvise to reinforce your iPhone cables. Use materials such as spring from pens that may only be lying around the house.


Where to buy iPhone cables and chargers online

The number one concern of iPhone users when looking for a new cable charger is compatibility. You’d want to make sure that the cable is compatible with your mobile device. Look for cables that are designed specifically for Apple. When you’re unsure where you’re buying your cable from, you also run the risk of damaging your phone. This can result to an even bigger expense, the last thing any consumer like you, would want to deal with.


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