Introducing TouchPico Projector

The world is full of innovations that it makes life more worthwhile, comfortable and fun. Smartphones are smarter than ever. There are televisions that are more radiant than before not to mention the coming of internet and social networking sites. The list of innovations is long that sometimes it is hard to keep up. However, there are remarkable innovations that stir the interest of many Singaporeans.


Singapore once again developed a first. Touchjet (a Singapore start-up company) developed TouchPico. What is Touchpico? It is a projector that can transform any wall into a touchscreen. How cool is that? For businessmen out there, they do not need to be confined to the use of their laptop when presenting to a potential client. If they see any surface deem fit for the projector, they can set it up. For sure it will be more interactive than any presentation your client ever had.

For movie bums out there, Touchpico can transform any surface into a large screen that can give you total entertainment satisfaction. You can even lie in your bed while enjoying a movie projected unto your ceiling. It does not end there. If you want your kids to enjoy studying, Touchpico can bring a whole new level to their learning. Actually there are a lot of applications this technology offers. Here are some things that you need to know about TouchPico:


  • General: TouchPico is a portable handheld device. This is remarkable because it offers the combination of PC and Android. With this, you can now transform any surface (you deem fit) a giant interactive screen. It boasts of 80 inches interactive touchscreen. You can also enjoy streaming.
  • Features: TouchPico comes with infrared stylus. This stylus will let you pinpoint with accuracy. It has functions like your smartphone touchscreen. In other words, you only need to touch the stylus to the image and viola – you can do whatever you want with it. TouchPico has 80 lumens of brightness. This projector is like the size of Samsung S4. The best thing is that it is compatible with PC laptops and MacBook.
  • Pre-orders: TouchPico’s versatility is not a question. This gadget will surely cater to different audiences. It launched its crowd funding promotions receiving about USD 500,000 of pre-orders for the first fifteen days. The promotions were done at Indiegogo.

People are getting bored with their tablets, laptops and smartphones. TouchPico seeks to bring more life. This will sweep the market. Though TouchPico is founded in Singapore, it also operates in other countries like China and United States. Techie people are surely expecting it to hit the market.


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