Ideas on Revamping Your Kitchen Space


The kitchen space is the heart of every home not only here in Singapore but around the world. This is where the magic happens when moms cook something out of nothing and make it extraordinarily delicious. Other people may see the kitchen as an ordinary space. It is time that they see it in a new light.


Believe it or not, the kitchen is one of the best places in the home where the family (even guests) spend most of their times together. If you want your kitchen to be conducive for family gatherings, you have invest and revamp it. You do not need to exhaust your money though. There are many ideas that you can consider if you just open your eyes and heart to it.

Revamping the kitchen will be a fun experience because of the countertops, appliances, carpentry and tiles in between. Your dream kitchen is now in the near future and you should be excited. Here are some ideas on revamping your kitchen space:

Go sleek. Sleek designs are the thing now. Its shiny and lustrous design have a modern feel and that makes your kitchen look like state of the art. If you want this design, you should do away with dining table and remove walls to open up the space. It will look narrow but if you happen to find storage and functional counter (that will serve as your table), it will be ample for everyone.

Keep it cool and light. Having the look of a luxurious kitchen is only a dream come true for others but not to you. You can make things happen. With careful planning, you can make that simple space into a luxurious one. You should make sure there is contrast of various surfaces from wood grain textures to light blue glass and glossy carpentry.


Be bold. If you want to demand attention, you have to be bold when it comes to flooring. You can add interest in your kitchen by choosing floor tiles with creative and fun designs. You can also include mouldings of your cabinets. Your floor and wall will surely add character to your kitchen.

Go for sophistication. For a touch of sophistication, you have to strategically put colours and lighting. If you highlight a corner through colours, the space will not look cramped at all because of the reflective finishes of the designs. If you want to create more space, you can add glass panel behind wash area to allow light into the space making it roomier. This will surely make your space cosier.


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