How to Build Your Own Business Even While You’re Still Employed


Transitioning from an employee to an entrepreneur can be crucial and life-changing so before we indulge into something new, we have to make sure to keep things into perspective and test the waters first before jumping in. There are many entrepreneurs in Singapore who started their businesses while working on their day job. Here are some tips that they said could help you out if you are interested to try to build your business soon:

  1. Know what you really want to do. It is important that you are certain on what you would really want to do. You need to discover what is it you are passionate about in order to know which business you are about to start. You may want to pursue your dream or just develop a hobby.


  1. Commit to your goal. Commitment is vital in starting your business. The transition phase is quite exhausting and this might test your patience so you have to be 110% committed to making things successful.

  1. Take things one step at a time. You have to set daily goals. Things don’t just happen on a blink of an eye and most certainly you cannot achieve all things in one blow. You have to take your time and plan things accordingly. Remember, you still have a daytime job so you need to balance your time in building your business while working.


  1. Keep yourself motivated while working. Again, this will not be easy. There will be times that you would want to quit your job just to pursue and continue what you have started for your business. One piece of advice, don’t quit just yet. You need to motivate yourself to continue until your business reaches to a point of feasibility that you can already quit your job. For now, you need to enjoy the journey while it lasts. If your business is already profitable, it’s still a win-win situation for you since you get to have a salary plus business revenue.


  1. Study up and consult other entrepreneurs. In order to move forward, you need to educate yourself all the time. It’s not enough that you start without knowing what you are doing or what to expect. Try to ask some of your entrepreneur friends who started off just like you. You can also read online articles and buy entrepreneurial books if you have to.

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