How Singaporeans live in a House provided by the Government?

In other countries around the world, published c housing is an indication that the country is unable to provide its people their primary need such as housing.  But in Singapore, it’s not like that. In fact, it was long time ago when public homes were introduced to Singaporeans and these houses are strong in structure and attractive in appearance. Here in the country, public shelters or homes are directed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB). However, it is administered and developed by the government.


In the entire population in the nation, almost 90% of the people are living in public shelters. All of these homes are situated Olin housing estates that have a complete variety of establishments like hawker food centers, clinics, sport centers, recreational places for children and adults, schools, supermarkets and many more.


As mentioned above, public housing here in the country is not a sign of poverty. This is because the flats here are more expensive than private homes. Moreover, these homes are developed every time there’s a need for reconstruction and maintenance. So how do Singaporeans live in this place?

Typically, like ordinary people, they live the way that they want to. However, existing laws will still be implemented in this area. Now, with regards to their water system, it remains all right since it is provided by the government. Apart from these things, you can sell your unit once you are not satisfied with it. This is how generous Singapore is. Obviously, there’s no reason to live the country.


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