How CRM Helps to Close More Deals

Thanks to today’s modern software, countless of businesses here in Singapore have moved to cloud CRM and other cloud-based apps for taking care of their business operations. Start-up companies can now be as efficient as bigger businesses in terms of generating sales, closing deals and keeping clients happy.

Organizing business data and your team’s functions is now made simpler through automated apps that syncs into the cloud. Integration of such technology into your system means that data are easily accessible from any device by whoever authorized, making it possible for you and your team to be more productive anytime, anywhere you may be.

The cloud has become the most efficient setting for a CRM system, and that is why we believe that a cloud CRM is an ideal product to generate more business profit. Here are top ways you and your team can make use of CRM software to close more deals.

Spending Less Time with Data Entry

Perhaps, one of CRM’s best features is its ability to enter data into the system automatically.

Instead of manually entering every prospect data gathered from events or webinar signups, the software has importing tools and built-in web forms that records and automatically saves gathered data into the cloud. This saves your team significant amount of time from entering prospects’ data into the system and allows them to use that time to market your product and work for better sales.

Getting the Right Timing

Good timing plays a big role in closing a deals with consumers here in Singapore. When you know where a prospect client stands in relation to a sale, it will give you an idea when and how to approach them. Some consumers are only interested in comparing prices and gathering more information about a product, while others are ready to hear your quote and discuss the contract. It requires instinct and a sense of balance to know when the right timing is.

A CRM software like from Singapore will keep your sales representatives from appearing too aggressive or waiting too long to approach a prospect. When your reps have clear view of the sales pipeline and a consumer’s stand on a certain sale, your staff will know whether it is the right time to engage. In most systems, you can create stages when recording prospect clients’ data according to the level of qualifications, such as the sales qualified lead, marketing qualified lead and sales opportunity.

Knowing Your Consumers’ Needs

A good intuition helps, but a CRM system will show you the facts when a customer is ready to make a purchase. These facts are even more visible when your system is integrated with automated marketing function. The metrics gathered by this function during the early marketing stages will help your representatives make use of their skills strategically to close a deal.

The data will give insights about where a potential customer stands in your sales pipeline, what their profile is, what materials they currently have and what their general needs are. With all this information on hand, you will have better idea of which product or service to offer to these prospects to ensure sales.

Managing Customer Relationship Better

CRM system is highly helpful when it comes to customer relationship management. Although we are living in a more digital world, consumers are still more inclined to doing businesses with companies and providers that knows them well.

Because of this, a good understanding of client needs and profile is important in making more sales. The same thing is true to new clients as it is for existing patrons during upsell and cross-sell attempts.

Your CRM software holds the information that’s valuable for understanding your consumers. Records such as purchase history, communication logs, digital activities and company data are all imperative for the success of a sale.

Using Analytics to Improve Marketing Strategy

A CRM software is not just for storing client information. It also has advanced tools that can be used for sales reports and sales management functions. These tools allow you to track your business’ sales performance and adjust your strategies when the need arises. Most CRM apps here in Singapore come with a variety of reports, such as the following:

    • Win/loss reports
    • Financial forecasts
    • Revenue and profitability
    • Sales reports
    • Progress reports

By having these sales management functions ready at all times, you can identify your weaknesses and tackle them right away to improve your bottom line.

Gone are the days when sealing a deal is just a matter of verbal communication and a handshake. Today, consumers are more educated and meticulous, which requires more effort on your part as a seller to persuade them. The right CRM software will not only increase your sales through customer relationship management, but also grow your network for better and bigger sales opportunities.

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