Go the Distance: 5 Questions to Consider Before Getting Into a Long Distance Relationship

Dating someone who doesn’t live in the same city as yours doesn’t appeal to most people since it can difficult for the persons involved. Getting into a long distance relationship has its own advantages, but it’s important that you do it with the right mind-set and partner. If you can’t commit to it, then there’s a great chance that your relationship will die out. Here, we’ve listed down five questions that you should ask yourself before you decide on entering a long-distance relationship.


  1. What is it that you want to get from your relationship?

Before starting your new relationship, you should first determine what it is that you’re looking for. Are you looking for something more serious, or are you just interested in having a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship? If you’re only interested in the latter, then entering an LDR isn’t for you. But if you’re interested in having a serious relationship, then trying out a LDR wouldn’t hurt. Figuring out what you really want will help in defining your relationship with your partner, even if you both decide to go the distance.

  1. Are you ready to commit to one person only?

Lack of commitment is a sure killer for any relationship, even more so for long-distance relationships since distance usually exacerbates any underlying problem. Making a relationship work, especially an LDR, requires loyalty from both sides. So if you think that you’re not prepared to commit to one person yet, then entering a long distance relationship might not be a smart thing to pursue.


  1. Do you have a foundation of friendship that can withstand the distance?

One of the perks of entering a long distance relationship is that you and your significant other get to invest more in working on your communication instead of just getting physically involved. Are you good friends with your partner? Do you still enjoy each other’s company even if there’s nothing much happening? These questions focus on your friendship’s status because when you’re apart, that’ll be the foundation and glue of your relationship. With that kind of relationship, you’ll be able to connect as best friends while being affectionate as lovers.

  1. Are you and your partner emotionally available?

It’s quite easy to be affectionate and passionate in person, but with distance in between you, it’s also easier to not be emotionally available and just fall into doing your own thing. If you and your significant other are emotionally unavailable, then pursuing a romantic bond is going to be really difficult for both of you.

  1. Can you go through the downs of having a long distance relationship?

In any kind of relationship, both sides need to be willing to weather any storm and struggle together regardless of hard it’ll be. Long distance relationships have their own set of difficulties, and if both of you are not ready to face them as a pair, then think twice about starting an LDR.

While long distance relationships can be difficult and just the thought of entering one makes you panic, investing some time, and being able to commit and emotionally available for your significant other will surely make the relationship worthwhile. In fact, it may even turn out easier than what most people say it is.


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