Energy Efficiency in Singapore

When you hear energy efficiency, what comes to mind first? It would be using electric (or any other energy) in an economical way, right? Basically, that’s it. Aside from the cost, energy efficiency also talks about lessening carbon dioxide emissions. Being a country without natural resources, Singapore is susceptible to increasing energy costs which can seriously influence the country’s economic competitiveness.


People are often reminded to “do more with less”. Regardless of your status here in Singapore (citizen, PR or tourist), you should do your part to practice and observe energy efficiency. In your own little ways, you can do something for the environment. NEA (National Environment Agency) encourages the people to save energy. Here are five easy steps:

1. Use fans. If you can take it, use fans instead of air conditioners. Air conditioners are consumes a lot of energy. In fact, one air conditioner equals to 32 fans.

2. Switch off. If you have appliances that are not in use, do not just switch them off. Standby power also consumes energy. You have to unplug the socket to be sure that it does not consume energy.

3. Set it right. If you cannot take the heat, you can use your air conditioner. You only need to set the temperature right (at least 25°C). Remember that the lower you set your temperature, the higher the energy your air conditioner is using.



4. Light bulbs. If you have incandescent bulbs, you need to change it to CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp). Incandescent lamps use more energy than CFL. CFL is an excellent choice because they can also last up to six times longer.

4. Appliance. You have to note “energy saver” logo whenever you purchase appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators. The best thing to purchase is a 4 tick model.

If you practice and observe the above mentioned energy-saving tips, you can save S$980 or more (assuming you only use a fan, you unplug the power socket, you switch to CFL bulbs and you switch to 4-tick refrigerator). With the S$980 that you saved, there are many things you can do or purchase. Practice it now and see the difference.

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