Enduring the Wait for Lung Transplant


If you are told to wait for lung a transplant, you have to patiently endure it. You will be anxious for sure but you have to go through that process like everyone else with the same illness. Waiting for a donor is a taxing experience. While waiting, you can do many things like:

  • Exercise

If you want the transplant to succeed, you should be healthy by exercising. If you exercise, you are increasing your chances of survival. Ask your doctors first if it is safe to exercise. If your doctors allow it, employ physical therapists.

  • Eat right

Apart from exercising, you also need to follow dietary guidelines designed by your dieticians. Managing your weight is crucial when you are expecting transplant. You also need to quit unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and smoking.



  • Be faithful to your appointments

While waiting for the call, you need to go to your doctors so they can monitor and evaluate your state of health. When you are scheduled for an appointment, do not miss or ignore it. If you experience discomfort or pain, go to your doctors right away.

  • Prepare your things

You have to prepare your things so when you get the call, you can go immediately. Preparing your things in advance will be beneficial for you. Do not forget to pack clothing, toiletries, medications, documents and many more.

  • Always be available

You will never know when the centre or hospital will call. It is important that you are always available when they call so leave all your numbers to your transplant coordinator. If you leave town, you should notify your coordinator.

  • Distract yourself

You need to occupy yourself while waiting. Think of the things that you want to do and make time for it. Do not wallow in self-pity or sulk. If you do things that makes you happy, you will notice that time will pass by easily.



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