Creative Art in Singapore

Singapore can be a very contradicting place as it caters to both the existentialist and essentialist crisis we may be experiencing in our very lives right now as we are still trying to figure out either who we are or who we want to be.

The life of an artist is usually a life filled with both wonder and affinity as you are still in search of ultimate beauty as you leave behind the pieces of art which act as a representation to the state of assurance the artist is in when he says, “This is my masterpiece.”

Singapore is known to be a very cultured country and as we all know, culture in one way or another, takes the role of inspiration either through education or rebellion. Some artists take pride in their understanding and perfection of a certain existing form of beauty as others would rather rebel against the laws of art to create something oh so personal. How do you think Singapore fairs with artists?

Artists in Singapore are actually very well respected as the country is very supportive of their local art scene—but it doesn’t end there. Singapore is also known to be supportive of many different international artists proven by the fact that they have been inviting artists from all around the world to share art from every corner of society.

Singaporeans support a huge range of musical genres from pop all the way to indie and the youth take pride of being involved with the modern music trends shared all around the world. Classical music on the other hand is also very well appreciated as the operas in Singapore have been functioning with much class and prosperity for a very long time now. The classical artists in Singapore are greatly praised and well taken care of as Singaporeans care about art whether modern or classical.

Becoming an artist in Singapore can be a very fruitful path but as every artist experiences, there will always be hardships along the corner. A lot of arguments have been made that there are two different types of artists, namely the skilled and the creative. Singapore respects both forms of art as some artist choose to stick to skill and others towards creativity. The bottom line is that Singapore isn’t just a place for artists, Singapore is a place for you to be yourself.

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