Beware of Scammers

The police are reminding consumers to be vigilant when buying or paying through the Internet as there are people who use deception to earn money. Just between July and October this year, the Singapore police have recorded 173 cases of online scams that got away with over S$140,000. So if you make transactions online, it is important that you do so as securely as possible.


Scammers are very clever people. If you do not outwit them, you will surely lose your hard earned money. So, how can you determine if the product or website is bogus? Actually, you wouldn’t know because scammers can find a way to make it look legit. However, the police advise the consumers to:

Internet Theft

1. Transact with the people you know

If you are transacting online, it is imperative that you know the identity of the people you are transacting with. If you know someone personally who is also transacting online, you should consider buying from him or her instead of other people.

2. Check the track record of the company/seller

If you are buying from popular online stores like eBay or Amazon, you should check for the track record of the company/seller you are transacting with. The good thing about large online stores is that they provide the profile of each seller, including reviews from previous buyers.


3. If you feel that you are scammed, report directly

If you feel that you are scammed, do not sulk and mourn over the lost money. The best thing to do is report it directly to the police and let them find the culprit. Report it while it’s still fresh so the police can reprimand the culprit.
Scammers most often entice people by selling low-priced gadgets like smart phones, laptops, tablet computers, PCs and other electronic devices online. So beware for sudden price drop.

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