Attraction: Getting A Girl to Like You

Some studies have shown that other people may find you more attractive than you actually see yourself. If you think you’re not attractive, that may not necessarily be true in other’s eyes. Now that you have one less excuse to avoid the person you like, here are some ways for you to get her to like you.

1. It starts with you

Confidence is everything when it comes to attracting another person, but it all lies on how you carry yourself. So before anything, take measures to improve how you look and how you act.

Groom yourself

Wear neat clothes, shave, take a shower, and etc.; grooming yourself should be the first step to looking and feeling more attractive. Wear clothes that you’re comfortable in whilst making you look clean and presentable. If you want to try sporting a different fashion style, try asking others, preferably other girls whom you know and trust.

Improve your posture

Maintaining a good posture makes you look more confident and influential. Let’s face it, no matter what others say, confidence is a major criterion in a girl’s attraction list. In addition to looking more confident, having good posture allows you to speak clearly because your breathing (hence also your voice) gets better when you stand up straight.

Practice your speaking

Most of us don’t notice that we speak a bit too quickly. When you speak fast, you’re perceived as someone who is nervous and less confident. For practice, try to read a poem slower than usual, excruciatingly slow. This will sound very strange, but it serves as a good exercise.

2. Smiling and eye contact

You can’t deny that a smiling person can look very attractive. To put it simply, smile and do it often! But don’t do this without any reason to, of course. You don’t want to look like a creep. Also, practice holding eye contact. Being able to do so shows your interest and gives an air of intimacy.

3.  Having a sense of humor

Cracking jokes, especially if timed right, can award you much of a girl’s attention. Showing a sense of humor communicates that you have the ability make a girl happy. But, remember not to joke around too much, or do it inappropriately. It only gives off the idea that you’re not able to take things seriously. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to joke about the Merlion without any context.

4. Touch (done with consent)

Touching is also an important part of attraction. You won’t get anywhere if you only talk and bob your head all the time. If for example, you and the girl are beginning to know each other better, don’t hesitate to at least touch her arm lightly. Most girls also, once their comfortable with you, will start to hug you. Whether this means anything romantic or not, just go do it.

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