A Guide to Choosing the Best Style of Bangs for Your Face Shape


Aside from changing your hair colour or cutting your tresses short, adding some bangs is one of the best ways to change up your look. They can bring attention to your eyes, they can make you appear younger, and they can make any boring haircut look edgier. However, certain cuts of bangs are not a one-size-fits-all look. Every face shape has several options that can flatter them the most, and some of those options are as follows:


  1. Square-Shaped Face

In square-shaped faces, bangs can be worn to give balance and soften the angles of the face. To achieve such lovely contrast to your angular jawline, opt for a wispy side-swept bang. Another perfect bang style for this face shape is the straight across bangs with a downward curve. Going for a rounded curve is perhaps the most flattering way to wear bangs without appearing too severe.

  1. Round-Shaped Face

Just with square-shaped faces, you’ll want to add some contrasting angles to your tresses to achieve a more flattering effect. Thick and structured straight across bangs is a great option for balancing a round face. You can also pull off a thick side-swept bang to put some structure to your face shape.


  1. Heart-Shaped Face

Everything has to do with balance when it comes to heart-shaped faces. This face shape tend to be wider at the top and narrower in the jawline area. The perfect bang styles for this shape is a feathery straight across bang or a feathered short side-swept. These styles will make your eyes the focal point, thus balancing the shape of your face. Another amazing part of this look is you’ll have more styling options, since you can sport the same cut in both ways.


  1. Oval-Shaped Face

An oval-shaped face is the most versatile face shape to choose haircuts for. To enjoy various looks from a single cut, opt for a lighter straight bang that you can easily style side-swept or straight across. But since an oval face is a versatile shape, any of the previous bang styles will work wonders for you as well.

All the aforementioned styles will definitely give you the change that you want to achieve this season. With every face shape having several bang options, you can easily choose which cut best complements your hair length and style.


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