A Complete Guide to Audio Visual Equipment Rental

Having the right audio visual equipment on hand can make all the difference to any event. If you are gearing up to organize an event, then you have two options available to get your AV equipment needs: owning or renting. Most event planners prefer doing the latter as it requires little effort and costs less. If you also opted to rent your gear, follow these equipment rental tips to make sure that your event goes the way you want it to be.


1. Decide Who You Will Be Renting From

If you are going to host your event at a different venue, then you might be required to use an in-house visual and sound system. Alternatively, you might be required to rent your equipment from a provider that they have already booked – thus, you no longer need to look for a supplier to rent from. If you decide to choose your own provider, however, then you will need to find an equipment rental company of your own. You can ask for referrals from your friends, colleagues or even from the venue itself.

If you will not be renting from the in-house AV equipment rental company that your venue provided, inform them about it and see if they can get another company that you can rent from. Oftentimes, venues agree to remove this aspect from their contract in exchange for a nominal fee.

2. Inform The Rental Company About Your Budget

When it comes to organizing an event, setting your budget and being able to stick with it can really help in cutting down any unnecessary costs. This can be difficult to achieve though, if you have an audio visual personnel who insists on using the latest gadgets or an additional portable PA system for your event. So before you start to rent AV equipment for Singapore events and look for the right equipment, be sure to inform the employee about the budget you allotted for your audio visual needs.

If you are worried that you might go over your budget, ask the project manager that you would like to sign a paperwork stating that your final bill will not exceed your budget for the AV equipment without any prior authorization.

3. Discuss Your Requirements With Your Provider

Aside from your budget, it is also crucial to discuss your audio visual needs with your equipment provider. Gear requirements like the number of microphones, the type of projector, the resolution of plasma displays and the size of your portable PA system are often suggested by rental companies based on the size of your venue and the number of guests that will be attending your event.


Getting right technology will greatly contribute to the success of your event and make the investment in it worthwhile. Your prospective PA system rental and AV equipment supplier should be able to determine and help you choose the type of equipment that best suits your event’s audio visual needs.

4. Be Practical With Your Choice of Equipment

Equipment rental companies in Singapore often showcase the best and latest audio visual technology available in the market. While it can be pretty tempting to rent these technologies, it can also get pricey fast. If you really need to use a newer technology for your event, then swap it for something that you will not really need for your affair. Be practical and make sacrifices if necessary. This way you will be able to stay within your budget and still be able to wow your guests.

5. Inquire if They Provide On-Site Technical Support

You can never predict when technical glitches might occur on your event, which is why it’s important that you that you have an on-site technical support ready to fix the problem and prevent further embarrassment. Some AV rental companies in Singapore offer such services to help their clients in operating the equipment and preventing problems from occurring, so be sure to find and hire one.

6. Make Great Use of Discounts

There are various ways on how you can save on the overall cost of renting an audio visual equipment and a portable PA system. If you have not finalized the date of your event yet, consider scheduling it during a rental company’s slow days or week to yield significant savings from them. Another good way is to schedule and rent in advance, so you could save some cash. If you have worked with the same PA system rental company in the past, then ask if they can give you some discount as a form of gratitude for choosing their services again.

7. Ask Them to Handle the Equipment Set-Up and Tear-Down

After you have chosen an AV equipment rental company, you now need to ensure that you get into writing who will be responsible for setting up and tearing down the equipment on the day of your event. If possible, have the company set the sound system and other equipment for you. If the company doesn’t include it in the contract, then it might be worth asking if they can do it for you for an additional fee. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up being held financially responsible for any damages on the equipment just because you tried setting it up or tearing it down on your own.

Planning for a big event can be very frustrating and tricky, so be sure to keep these points in mind when you have already decided to just rent your AV equipment. Following these tips won’t only help you establish a good relationship with right rental company, it will also increase your exposure to the new technologies being used at events similar as yours.


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