7 Gift Ideas for the Beauty Lover In Your Life That Aren’t Make-Up

Shopping for the perfect gift for the make-up lover in your life? Yes, she likes make-up, but the last thing a make-up addict wants to get this Christmas is more cosmetic products. Knowing how much of a harder they are, you should know they already have enough brushes, eye shadow palettes and lipsticks in their collection. If you want to get them something really special, focus on finding gifts that you know will last them longer but still with a hint of beauty.

1. A Pouch with Beauty Slogan on It
You know how that make-up addict friend takes her look seriously. Get her a pouch printed with a beauty slogan, like ‘Better Late Than Ugly,’ ‘All I need is coffee and mascara,’ ‘Wake-up and make-up’ and many more. Your friend will surely find it sweet and cute.

2. Make-Up Brush Holder
Anyone who owns so much make-up also has a big stash of make-up brushes. A make-up brush holder makes organizing so much easier and getting ready in the morning a lot faster, since everything from eyeshadow brushes to foundation brushes are stored neatly on her vanity.

3. Lipstick iPhone Case
Get her a lipstick iPhone case that’s bold and bright, and she will love you for it. A sassy phone case is a must-have for any beauty junkie and makes the perfect beauty gift that will last for a much longer time.

4. A Mirror With Shelves
Vanity top mirrors with tier dishes are extra helpful. The shelves below the mirror can store small beauty products and little trinkets, like earrings, rings, bobby pins, hair ties and small pots of eye shadow and concealer. It is very useful and a great space saver.

5. Make-Up Mug
A mug with hand-painted or printed lipsticks or any beauty product or beauty slogan is very chic, and obviously useful. It is another great option to gift a beauty lover that does not contribute to their massive make-up collection.

6. Make-Up Art Print
There’s no shortage of unique and cute make-up prints online. Check out a few samples on Etsy, and it will spark ideas you can draw inspiration from as you look around at nearby malls. You can even make it more personal by printing and framing one yourself.

7. Make-Up Brush Cleaner
This one, you have the option to go grand or simple. A mechanical brush cleaner that almost does all the job by itself is a fancy gift for your make-up lover friend. It washes the brushes thoroughly and reduces its drying time. For a more affordable option, get a brush cleaner mat. It has different grooves all over it to make brush cleaning easier. Regardless, your friend will thank you for such a useful gift.

If you have beauty lovers on your Christmas shopping list, ditch the make-up set and go for more useful items instead. You’ll still be able to tickle their fancy with these gift ideas that scream beauty and utility.

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