6 Ways to Stop Falling for the Wrong Guy

Are you the type of girl who keeps her heart broken for the same type of guy over and over again? You have dated so many, but the relationship seems to end up the same?

Any girl would want to be with the right guy. But being with the wrong one doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with you. It may seem like a problem with no solution, but really, it’s just a matter of loving yourself more and heeding these relationship advices.

1. Take the opinions of your trusted people
If your best friend, girl friends or your family almost always disagree with your choice of partner, it is probably time to start listening to their advices. They could be seeing something wrong that you can’t see yourself, because you are too blinded by your feelings towards the guy.

2. Let your previous relationships be your teacher
Before committing into a relationship with a new guy, look back at your previous relationships and try to reflect what caused the relationship to fail. Knowing what went wrong will guide you to better decide for your future relationships.

3. Be at the right places
Ask yourself, ‘where do you meet most of your ex-lovers?’ Are most of them acquaintances you met at the clubs or bars? Why not try hanging out in cafes? Who knows? Ditching the party places might lead you to the ideal man of your dreams.

4. Know his friends
While you can have friends that are different from you, most of the time they are a reflection of you; that’s why you get along so well. If the guy you’re seeing has group of rowdy friends, take that into consideration. He gets along with these types of people, so it’s likely that they have the same likes and personalities.

5. Listen to your instincts
If your instinct says that the person can’t be trusted, then follow your gut feeling. Instincts are powered by first impressions, so if the guy seems to appear a bit off, then he probably is. Though everyone is entitled for second chances, if you still feel the same after the second date, perhaps it’s best if it’s also going to be the last.

6. Be comfortable being alone
Don’t you like to be with yourself once in a while? If you are not contented with the idea of being single, you would dislike the feeling of not being in a relationship, which will likely urge you to rush into one. By being happy on your own, you will not feel the need to rush into being with someone and end up with the wrong person once again.

For you to find your prince, you need to treat yourself like a princess. You are a royalty and you deserve the best.

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