6 Useful Tips to Find a Reliable Locksmith

Locks – either car or home locks – provide us security not just for our dwellings and vehicles, but also for our life. But when you accidentally lock yourself out-of-doors, you might wish that even for just a moment security locks and devices were not created. This is just the perfect time to call for some locksmith services, right? But with the various horror stories involving locksmith companies not just in Singapore but in other places as well, how can you know that you can trust the locksmith you’ll call? Who should you completely trust to open your vehicle or home safely? To help you come up with a good decision, here are the six “musts” that you should consider when selecting and looking for a crisis locksmith.

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1. Go for locksmiths that are located nearby. One of the important things that you should address first when looking for a locksmith is if their company is localized. Aside from not being able to attend to your security needs on time, locksmiths that are located in far areas in Singapore might ask for additional charges for their traveling. Also, most local locksmiths have an office nearby that you can easily visit when you’ll face another security problem. Doing this will not just help you establish good connections with your chosen locksmith but will also help in building trust amongst you and the company.

2. Get a handful of referrals. Your referrals can come from anyone you trust – they can be any of your family, friends or colleagues who have engaged with a particular locksmith company. This people will provide you with good reasons as to why they’re favoring a particular locksmith, thus helping you narrow down your options.

If you happen to live in a rather small village or town, expect that the number of locksmith companies in your area would be limited either to 2 or 4 companies only, unlike in bigger towns that could have 25 or more professional locksmith for commercial and residential in Singapore to choose from.

3. Search the web. There is nothing that you can’t find in the internet, thus searching for locksmith companies online will definitely make your hunt a lot easier. Most locksmith Singapore companies now have their own website posted in the internet, with all their services, fees and operating hours clearly listed on the site. With this, you can now do some quick run-throughs and comparisons on the services and pricing offered by various locksmiths.


4. Understand locksmith charges and liabilities. Before hiring a particular locksmith, find out first if he is insured in case some damages will be inflicted in the process of attending to your needs. It would be a good idea to choose an insured locksmith because even if he might charge more for his services, you’re sure that you can leave your car and home to his care and expertise. Moreover, do confirm their pricing first before accepting their services. Ensure that there will be no hidden charges, and look into promise added charges when your locksmith would encounter problems regarding your security devices.

5. Be extra cautious. If your chosen locksmith has a company vehicle with him, look either for a company title or logo attached to the car. Also, be wary if your locksmith won’t ask for any identification or verification from you, since a reputable locksmith would inquire for your identification first before carrying out his work to protect you against robbery or break-ins. Once the work is done, ask your locksmith for an itemized invoice that shows the complete breakdown of the work components, allegations and service fees.

6. Be prepared. Looking for a dependable 24-hour locksmith doesn’t have to be confusing and stressful. To make your possible locked-out situation in the future less stressful, keep a list of good and dependable locksmith phone numbers in your purse or wallet at all times. If you’re searching online, simply bookmark the website directory of localized locksmiths in Singapore so that you can easily access it from your laptop or your smartphone when needed. Also, set aside some bucks to serve as your crisis fund for locksmiths since you’ll really never know as to when you’ll be needing one.


Now that you know the things to consider when looking for a dependable and reputable locksmith, you can now protect yourself from scammers and have an easier and productive locksmith hunt instead.

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