6 Car Rental Rip-Offs to Keep an Eye On

Whether you are in an overseas vacation or on a business trip in the neighboring city, you certainly don’t want to be hit with unexpected costs, especially when you’re away from home. Avoid unwanted surprises by keeping in mind these hidden fees that car rental companies often sneak into—or do not mention at all in—their contracts.

  1. Gas Prices

This is a common one. Everybody knows that if you borrow a car, you need to return it full tanked. However, if you fail to do so, the car rental company will jack up the gas price you will have to pay. What you probably don’t know is how much these companies charge these days, which could be as high as one full extra day of car rental.

  • Unnecessary Upgrades

Gone are the days when car rentals offer free upgrades. Now that cars provide much more convenience, given the traffic and the kind of lifestyle we have in the modern days, free upgrades pretty much non-existent. Although it’s still worth asking for, do not get into the trap of paying for one. 

  • Airport Fees

Hopping of your flight and heading straight to a car rental station in the airport may e the quickest way to get to your destination, but you will be charged high for this convenience. Know that car rental companies need to pay for doing business at the airport, to the airport, and that fee will be built into their customer’s billing. Most likely, it’ll be worth the cab fare to get your own ride from a rental agency farther from the airport.

  • Insurance

When you pick up your rented car, the agent may offer you extra insurance to cover possible car damage. In many cases, these insurances are unnecessary and overprices. Furthermore, your credit card company may even offer car rental coverage, so make sure to ask before your trip.

  • Little Extras

Renting a GPS, a dashboard camera or extra car seat is not free. If you think you do not need these additions, then no need to spend more on them. Stick with your phone for navigation and if travelling alone, get the smallest car and skip the extra car seat rental.

  • Unexpected Damages

The last thing you want do after a holiday trip is stressing about your vacation bill. Since you don’t want to return from your vacation finding out extra charges from your car rental billing, be sure to give your rented vehicle a good check before leaving the rental company’s premises. And don’t forget to ask for a receipt stating that the car is returned in good condition with the required amount of gas.

To put it in a nutshell: researching before going for a car rental is the way to go to get the best deals.

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