6 Attractive Traits in Women—Other Than the Looks!

While physical features are the first thing that guys notice in women, it’s the inner qualities that make them stay. Here are six qualities that make you irresistible that have nothing to do with your hair, face or body.

1. Kindness

This may sound cliché, but kindness is rare nowadays. Sure, you’ll meet a lot of people who are nice to people they know, but rarely will you see people who would approach a stranger crying in the subway. You want to be with someone who’s not just nice to your family and friends, but someone you can be proud of for being a genuinely kind person to everyone.

2. Positivity and Humor

One of the most important element in any relationship—romantic or not—is the ability to have a great time. Nobody wants to be with a negative person who always seems unhappy and complains about life. There is nothing more attractive than a lady who finds comfort in small pleasures, can crack a few jokes and laughs at her own mistakes.

3. Confidence

You see, it’s not just women who like to be with a confident partner. It’s always attractive to see someone who is comfortable and confident with her features, both physically and intellectually. If your poise and attitude shows that you’re sure of yourself, then that’s surely a cause for attraction in men.

4. Driven

Men like it when you have goals that you work passionately towards. Whether it’s learning a new hobby or moving up a position higher at work, having a fixed goal and working hard for it is a sign of strength in the eyes of your man.

5. Spontaneity

That’s right, throw caution out of the window sometimes and just do something out of the blue. Sometimes, planning makes men feel restricted. So, forget about those plans once in a while and surprise your man with a spontaneous date. You’d be surprised how much more fun and romantic it turns out.

6. Superb ‘Kitchen Skills’

A woman who knows how to make a satisfying meal is a woman who knows how to keep her man happy. She’s a homemaker and that’s essentially an attractive quality to have. Homemakers are far better partners to settle with than the dine-out types of gals—there’s no arguing with that!

If this list seems impossible, you’re absolutely right. There’s no one person who possess all these qualities. The point is not to transform yourself into someone you’re not or beat yourself up for not having any of these traits. The point is to remind you that real beauty is more than what meets the eye.

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