5 Ways to Stop Your Nail Biting Habit

Nail biting is one of the most common, yet hardest habits to break. Most of us have probably tried various tricks to put a stop on this bad habit, but failed in the end. So whether you’re a constant nail biter or you only bite nails when stressed, we’ve listed down some hacks that will surely end your nail biting tendencies and bring back those fabulous long nails.


  1. Get Weekly Manicures. You spend good amount of money to make your nails look fabulous, so why nibble on them? A good way to keep you from gnawing your nails would be getting trendy nail polish. Get expensive gel manicures or cute nail arts so you’d think twice on nibbling your nails. Also, these types of manicure usually last more than a week, giving your nails enough time to grow long and strong since you’ll be less tempted to bite them.
  1. Wear Fake Nails. If you’re a constant nail biter, wearing fake nails might work wonders for you. Fake nails are thicker than real nails, making it difficult for you to chew them off. Once you see how fabulous long nails look, you surely wouldn’t want to go back to your short, nubby nails.
  1. Distract Yourself. A lot of people adapt to a new and healthy habit just to get rid of nail biting tendencies. Habits like playing with hair elastic or squeezing a stress ball can be good remedies. These habits will distract you and get your mind off biting your nails.


  1. Involve a Spotter. Another good way to stop your nail biting tendencies would be to get a spotter. Ask a family member to help you by calling your attention every time you bite your nails. They don’t necessarily need to chastise or nag you about it; a neutral reminder like “nails, sweetie” would be enough.
  1. Relax.  It may seem surprising, but performing yoga exercises can actually serve as a good remedy for nail biting, as well as other bad mannerisms. This habit is usually caused by stress, and adopting a healthy habit such as doing yoga can be a great way to ease your mind and relax.

Stopping nail biting may require conscious effort at first, but with time and patience you’ll be able to get rid of this habit and have long, healthy nails once again.


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