5 Tips You Can Follow to Eliminate Distraction and Be More Productive

Whether you’re trying to get a task done at work or are trying to get a passion project done, you need to be able to manage your time to make the most out of your day – and in some cases, maybe even stay on schedule.

Here are a few crucial steps that you can start doing to keep the distraction at bay and focus on what you want or need to do:

Keep the door closed.
The first step to getting anything done is to actually be able to do it, but when there are a lot of things out there that vie for your attention, that’s simply too hard to do.

Closing the door (metaphorically or literally) sends a message to people that you’re in the middle of something that needs your full attention. For instance, you can simply tell your family and friends exactly that – you’re in the middle of something.

Do this politely and people will respect that you need the time to focus, and will be more likely to give you that until you finish.

Take a few deep breaths.
If you’re feeling anxious about what you need to do – especially if you’re worried about not getting it right – taking few deep breaths will help to slow yourself down and get you in the mood and mindset to start.

Declutter your desk – and your mind.
A clear workspace is a clear mind. Part of being able to focus is also being able to recognize where things are, and that’s where a clean workspace comes in.

With a cluttered workspace, everything will be all over the place and you’ll only spend more time trying to find out where things are than actually doing the thing. It also clutters your mind even further than it already is.
Clearing up your workspace is also a way to get you in the mood and trick your brain so that you’ll be more likely to focus.

Leave your phone.
Unless you specifically need to check your email or social media to do what you need to do, you’re better off not looking at it. The more frequently you’re looking at something else, the less likely you’ll be able to focus on the task in front of you.

Set a time limit.
There’s only so much time in one day. To make the most out of the time you have, set a specific limit for working on the task – preferably with an alarm clock or a timer – and focus your attention on only that.

This will be useful especially if you think that what you’re working on can’t be done in one day. If you give something your full attention, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish.

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