4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Child Is Gifted

First of all, we believe that every child has a gift to share. However, there a few that excels outstandingly in academics. If you think your child is gifted, chances are you’ve seen something extraordinary in him. Here, we’ve rounded up some tell-tale signs of giftedness in your little tot.


  1. Writes and Reads Early

Most kids engage in writing and reading before they start going to school. The more parents encourage the kids, the better chances of them writing or reading at an early age. However, there are some children who just seem to “get it,” even without close supervision. They easily pick up on patterns, begin writing out actual letters than scribbles, and shows signs of reading such as using pictures to better understand stories, holding the boo correctly, and reading from left to right across pages. Such kids show high level of intelligence, and should be supervised and encouraged to improve and learn more.

  1. Is Extremely Artistically or Musically inclined

Children who exhibit unusually excellent talent in art or music are typically highly intelligent. If you notice that your little one can already sing perfectly, seems to recall and play music from memory, or can draw or paint clear images, you’re child is likely a gifted one. Gifted kids show unexpected interest in music and art that most kids don’t have, such as listening to classical music and browsing through art books.

Boy playing with a guitar

  1. Has Multiple Interests and Excels in All of Them

It is innate in gifted kids to be interested in many things. They may be into science and theories now, but then shifts to math and statistics the next day. It’s not uncommon for gifted children to work on several interests at once and excel exceptionally in all of them. Gifted children love learning new things and will soak in new knowledge with passion.

  1. Understands Concepts With Such Ease

A child who is gifted has the mental ability to understand easily complex concepts. They can comprehend n problems and formulate solutions. It’s not as difficult for them to create connections between real life and literature, and they use common sense more than an average kid would.

If you notice more than one of these characteristics in your child, consider having him/her assessed by an educational psychologist. And always remember that gifted children need extra support so he/she won’t feel uncomfortable when interacting with other kids. Introduce your child to other interests like sports to help balance their overall skill.


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