4 Crucial Rules for Suits that All Grooms Need to Know’

The bridal gown tends to get all the attention at any wedding, but that doesn’t mean that groom’s suit shouldn’t get any of the spotlight. All eyes will be on you and the bride on your big day, so you should make it a point to dress with style. Here are four rules of thumb that every groom in Singapore needs to follow closely:

1. Fit to formality.
The first rule of thumb that you need to follow is that your attire should fit the venue as well as the vibe of your wedding.

If the ceremony is taking place during the day or outdoors, find a suit that’s a little casual, such as a lighter-colored suit. Black-tie affairs in fancy places, such as hotels or ballrooms, go for just that: a dark-colored suit, or as the term suggests, a black tux.

2. Color-coordinate.
Make it a joint effort so that your suit’s colors should complement those of the bride’s gown – your wedding, after all, should be the first time (and the best time) to show off your style as a couple.

For instance, a dazzling ball gown calls for the classic black tux; tan suits for rustic lace gowns; slim-cut grey for the streamlined urban-inspired gown. If having a pocket square on your breast pocket adds a bit more color to the suit, then go for it.

Don’t just make it a joint effort with your future spouse, though. Make sure to meet up with your groomsmen and your best man so that your outfits will match in terms of style, even if they don’t have to be identical.

3. Body type tells the type of suit.
The secret to looking sharp is simple: find clothes that fit you perfectly and enhance your features. Though most tuxedos and suits will look good to a groom with a narrow frame, a three-buttoned jacket with a low-button stance will add some height.

A good double-breasted suit will give the illusion of added bulk. If you want to appear slim, try a fitted one with nip at the waist. You might want to look for black suits, as that’s the best slimming color there is.

4. Think accessories.
Having a unique look is all in the details. Spice up your suit or tux with a quirky tie, vest, or even cuff links with a different color. Knock yourself out – don’t be afraid to inject a little personality to make your outfit stand out even more on your big day!

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