3 Types of VoIP Connection


Here are the types of voice over IP connection that most Singapore providers offer.

1. Computer to Computer
This is the most common connection ordered for residential VoIP, as it is free and easy to use. All you need is a stable Internet connection, a computer, and the necessary equipment to listen and speak (headset, speakers and microphone). By installing communication software, like Skype, you’re then ready to make and take calls to and from someone with the same communication software.


2. Phone to Phone
This type of VoIP connection is very handy, but more expensive and a bit difficult to set up than the other two types. Communicating through this type of connection is only possible with the use of phone sets on each end user. There used to be a technology called pbx voice solution for companies in Singapore, but it has since been overtaken in popularity by VoIP.


There are two methods in which phones are used to make calls:
• Using an IP Phone. An IP phone looks like a normal phone, but is connected to a router or gateway rather than to a normal PSTN network.

Therefore, instead of using an RJ-11 socket, it uses RJ-45 plug to be able to make and receive calls. To give you an idea how an RJ-45 looks like, take a look at your dial-up modem. It’s the plug that connects the wire to the modem, but a tad bigger. Of course, you can also use wireless network, like Wi-Fi, to connect to the internet. In this case, you can use either an RJ-45 or USB for internet connection.


• Using an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). The ATA is the device used to connect you to a standard phone to the Internet. The ATA converts the caller’s voice to digital data, transmits it over the network, and converts it back to a voice call before reaching the receiver’s end.

3. Computer to Phone and Vice Versa
Now that you know how to use your computer, IP phones, and standard phones to make VoIP calls, it should be easier to figure out how to use a computer to call a PSTN phone, or vice versa. You can also deploy a combination of IP phones, standard phones, and computers to communicate over the same network in your organization or company. The software and hardware, however, are heavier and more complex in this case.

The flexibility of VoIP enables Singapore business owners to choose the right connection type that will benefit their company the most. The connection can be configured in a variety of ways so users can choose which medium to use to make voice over IP calls. However, prices vary depending on the VoIP Singapore provider, configuration, and the hardware and software used.

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